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Welcome to the new Hasbara News Club! My name is Michael Hess and I am also the editor of BBSNews. I created the Hasbara News Club to group news and analysis about Palestine and the creation of Israel in one centralized place. For so long there have been as many lies about the so-called conflict in Palestine as there are in the war on some drugs.

Here at Hasbara News Club we seek to cut through the nonsense, we don’t allow Hasbara trolls, and most of all we do not condone any antisemitism at all. There is a very good reason that Israel and its “supporters” do not want the world to understand that Israel is an Apartheid state built on terrorism and ethnic cleansing: Political Zionism, revisionist nationalist Zionism, has taken over ethical Judaism. Zionists have largely won the war to imply that Judaism and Revisionist Zionism is part and parcel with being a Jew. And this is very very bad. Normal Jews need to get shut of the ethnic cleansing and Apartheid that is the current state of Israel.

This is often reflected in that constant equating of an act of resistance in Palestine as being an attack meant to exterminate all Jews is just over the top and has worn very very thin. When Palestinians are demonstrating for their rights they are not terrorists seeking to kill all Jews. Although when you read right wing whacked out media that is what they lead people to understand.

On the other hand the far more true and logical conclusion is that indigenous Palestinians, on their own land and land that Israel itself was carved out of against the will of those very inhabitants are just fighting for their rights. After all their nation was given away by the United Nations to a group of foreigners that had no ties to the land. And the policy of populating Palestine with kidnapped children and war refugees who were prevented from coming to America or settling anywhere else by early Zionist leaders is absolutely appalling.

Palestine and Israel and US policy in the Middle East

I believe that finally there can be peace in the Middle East when international law is applied equally, for the very first time, to the state of Israel instead of just all other states in the Middle East where the United States tends to shoot first, and ask questions later. (Unless there’s energy; oil of course; then there can be shooting and then “negotiations” over who gets the spoils of the oil, later.)

Pardon my cynicism after twenty-seven years of reporting this kind of news, but, that my friends, is a large part of the answer to the plaintive question that followed 9/11 – ‘oh why do they hate us?’ In many ways it is because of the way America treats the Middle East as America’s gas station without much thought at all about the people who live in the region.

American support for the illegal and criminal occupation of Palestine, a proto-state under mandatory protection decades before Israel was born, is highly lowering our prestige as well. The world laughs at the phrase “honest broker” followed “United States” when it comes to so-called negotiations. It is taken as a given around the world that the US government is simply powerless at the hands of the Israel Lobby. Who can blame them? After all, fifteen percent of the illegal colonists that Israel has put in neighboring Palestine contrary to Article 49(6) Geneva 4th, are Americans.

Until the bedrock international legal principle of ‘territory acquired by force of war is inadmissible‘ is enforced against Israel as it has been against other states, there can be no just solution or peace. People have a legal right to resist the theft of their land and resources and the killings of entire families by an occupier state, to do otherwise would have made the French Resistance illegal. There is a double standard at play here; the absolute impunity that Israel enjoys for its illegal behavior.

There are two ways to fix all that and one is a John F. Kennedy space race type push for a better energy source that at the very least be able to power transportation, a huge undertaking akin to the Moon landing days.

And two, applying the rule of law and justice not just to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, just three countries to name a few that we have had military operations in of late, but to Israel as well. A large part of the hate and enmity the United States faces stems from an inordinate amount of support for an Apartheid nation that refuses to stay within the borders that it itself declared as shown in the Israeli declaration of independence.

I would like to leave you dear reader with an important quote from Sir Alan Duncan, Sir Alan is Conservative Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton. He is a former Minister of State for International Development, and Shadow Leader of British the House of Commons. On October 13th, 2014 he made an amazing speech to the Royal United Services Institute the day after the Upper House voted to recognize the state of Palestine, a symbolic yet important measure followed by Ireland and then the Vatican.

The apt quote for all those who would use religion over international law and UN Security Council resolutions to “solve” this long and needless conflict is:

“The Bible is not a travel guide to modern national boundaries. Those US Christians who endorse and enable the expansion of Israel into Palestinian land should realise where morality and justice lie.”

The speech in its entirety covers in a factually devastating and gut-wrenching way exactly how I feel about this conflict. I urge everyone to read Sir Duncan’s speech because it is a fine primer on the importance of Palestinian issues and it shows the way to end this conflict under the rule of law. Doing so in a way that comports with justice and a total abhorrence of antisemitism is essential because right now those who support Apartheid Israel, support antisemitism. One of the features of Hasbara propaganda are the false accusations of antisemitism against those of us willing to speak out for a fair and durable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under the rule of law. (Read Sir Duncan’s entire speech here.)

Michael Hess
Editor of BBSNews and curator of the New Hasbara Club News