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Haaretz Chemi Shalev: I was warned about “playing with fire”

Hasbara News Club — More and more people are starting to see just how dangerous Donald Trump is and this latest piece in Haaretz by Chemi Shalev is an excellent statement of the true issues that face the apartheid state of Israel in the near coming future.

Shalev’s logic and conclusions are inescapable, and I cannot remember the very first time I wrote that the insane right wing wingnuts, now aided by the alt-right antisemitics, are playing with fire. His assertions about crazy religious nationalists like Ayelet Shaked of ‘Palestinian children are snakes’ fame are well founded. Follow the link and read the entire story, here is Shalev’s conclusions about the inevitable future:

….I told my friends that Israelis have gotten used to disregarding their leaders’ baseless assertions and ignoring hair raising corruption scandals if their perpetrators succeed in remaining in power. The hair-raising suspicions about Netanyahu’s lawyer and the German submarine deal, the unbelievable back room wheeling and dealing with Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Noni Mozes, the lavish gifts the prime minister received from Arnon Milchan, the absurd claim that the mufti convinced Hitler to carry out the final solution, the racist concoction that the Arabs were swarming in droves to the polling booths on election day or the reckless assertion that a terrorist wave of arson was responsible for the widespread forest fires two months ago? Netanyahu’s fans don’t care. As long as he sticks it to the media and the leftists, he remains their King of Israel.

By the same token, Trump isn’t releasing any tax returns, although he promised, hasn’t resolved conflict of interest, although he pledged, and is under a heavy cloud of suspicion because of his ties and perhaps allegiance to the Kremlin. Barack Obama’s birth certificate wasn’t forged, Ted Cruz’s father wasn’t a part of JFK’s assassination, global warming is not a Chinese conspiracy and Trump does not head the greatest political movement in history. What difference does it make at this point, to quote someone else, when he’s the one sitting in the Oval Office and calling the shots?

You’re playing with fire, my frustrated interlocutors warned, clearly despondent by now. The same message was conveyed inside the INSS conference auditorium by noted political scientist and brilliant thinker Walter Russell Mead, who warned Israel not to embrace Trump too strongly lest it is irrevocably stained in the eyes of American public opinion. Former U.S. Ambassador Martin Indyk was bleaker by far: For the first time in my life, he said, I am concerned about the future of the Jewish people, in America and in Israel. The Jewish people, he explained, have prospered and thrived within the established Western order that has existed since the end of World War II. Trump is coming to the White House just as that order is under threat, for a variety of reasons, and he may bring the entire structure crashing down. But who cares if the Jewish people survive or don’t survive, I thought to myself, as long as Trump allows us to build a few more apartments in Beit El?