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Hasbara Project

George Mitchell and the Israelis

BBSNews 2014-09-09 — By Michael Hess. The intrepid George Mitchell penned a three-part series in the Boston Globe about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, giving his broad analysis of the facts without laying blame. As admirable as this is, Mr. Mitchell gives Israel a pass that I doubt he is willing to give to Vladimir Putin and his territorial ambitions, and with that new speculation becoming fact, it looks like someone was willing to down an airliner to get the territory they want. If that’s not terrorism I don’t know what is.

Benjamin Netanyahu and George Mitchell.

Benjamin Netanyahu and George Mitchell.

However, as urgent as the situation in Ukraine is to so many, the ever present backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, always lurking, and always there to recruit terrorists from all over the world because the world will not firmly address Israel’s state terrorism against a largely helpless population.

At the Boston Globe in the comments section, I took Mr. Mitchell to task [with slight editing] when he made the old and untrue claim that external forces cannot impose a settlement to this conflict:

George, I have a great deal of respect for you but your logic here in part two is lacking. You wrote:

“A solution, however, cannot be imposed externally.”

And that is complete BS. The illegal occupations are being imposed externally. Therefore it logically follows that a solution can only be arrived at by removing the outside forces that impose the occupation i.e. the unlimited US support with arms, munitions and an autoveto in the United Nations.

In short, our country, the United States is “imposing” the illegal occupations on the Palestinians. No manner of working towards the objectives of a Palestinian state will ever succeed while the US keeps supporting the murder and occupation of Palestinians on their land by Israel.

Abu Mazen has Salam Fayyad who by all accounts completed yeoman’s work on building state institutions and he was met with nothing but obstruction by Benjamin Netanyahu. The West Bank raids, the home demolitions, the use of individual kids by the IDF as Human Shields, the tortures, the indefinite detentions without charge, the killings of entire families — to the world, and to me as an American, are all supported unquestionably by the United States. [because of official support for an ‘ally’]

If, as an American Indian, I can see this then it logically follows that the Muslim world sees this as well. [Colonization of a people by force] And it makes a great recruiting tool for REAL terrorists because, sadly, much of the recruiting propaganda is true.

All of the things they are claiming in their literature is unquestionably the heart of the matter.

As long as the United States supports Israel’s illegal land and resource theft from the Palestinians and the abuse of their people by Israel then there can be no path forward to peace.

Peace is impossible because US diplomats and officials give a completely free pass to Bibi while railing about Putin who is doing much the same thing.

It’s time for some realism George. It is our country’s blind support of the most heinous of acts by Israel that is causing not only Israel’s “security” problem, but it also has led to our country being attacked and will no doubt again because of the lack of realism.

The Arab Peace Initiative gave Israel everything it ever claimed to want and Israel has let is lay for more than twelve years George. Americans who actually pay attention knows this fact.

Israel decided that it wants all of the land without the Palestinians, I know you are aware of what Danny Danon said on this issue along with Liberman and countless others.

Since Israel openly admits that it favors stealing the rest of Palestine and Ethnically Cleansing them from the land that Israel covets, why on earth do you not face up to it?

It’s not the Palestinians who are not “partners in peace” George, by the facts and the history and direct admission of Israeli officials, it is Israel who is clearly the aggressor and the rogue state and we enable this.

Your knowledge is vast but without facing the basics of the conflict, that Israel wants it all and wants no Arab Palestinians, [and] Israel and their “supporters” are convinced that there is not even a Palestine or Palestinians.

You should spend some time, at President Obama’s side, on national television, explaining to American[s] that Palestine does exist, as do Palestinians. The Republican side of the aisle is insanely convinced, by our evil representation of Pravda, Faux News, inexplicably convinced, that millions of Palestinians do not exist, and if they do, then all those millions of Palestinians are “terrorists”.

Your high-flown ideas are great, but they fall on deaf ears in at least half of the US because of this.

I strongly believe this and comment sections all over the world attest to this reality. There are droves of people online who are claiming that a different standard exists for Israel, that for their “security” they then must be allowed to steal land and resources from the Palestinians with no negative consequences.

Hell, worse than that, Americans pay for Israel to attack innocent Palestinians and that only further radicalizes people from all over the world because the double standard is so glaringly obvious.

And here’s why. Every word that is being written about Putin’s land grab and associated state terrorism that goes along with that is nearly word for word language that fits Israel to a “T” and should be used to describe what Israel is doing. And this should have been made plain for decades. [You know it has been a farce from the Israelis the entire time George.]

Mere lip service to the long-standing US policy that all “settlements” (colonies), are illegal, each and every one of them. While President Obama and George Mitchell dither, thousands are dying and the “only democracy” (untrue) in the Middle East is committing atrocities in our name.

This must change for there to be realized a fair, just and durable peace on very simple terms, giving the Israelis everything they ever claimed to want, based upon the Arab Peace Initiative. All Israel has to do is follow the rule of law, then there will be peace.