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Israel Deputy Defense Minister Danon Admits Ethnic Cleansing Plans

BBSNews 2014-05-15 — By Michael Hess. As most people know the peace talks between Israel and the occupied Palestinians broke down for predictable reasons (the land and resources stealing colonies), but the Hasbara community is hard at work trying to place the blame on the victim rather than the occupier. Israel’s Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said this week according to the Daily Beast, “Some people try to balance both sides… saying both sides are to be blamed. This is wrong, this is unfair, this is unjust… We obeyed all our commitments in this agreement,” he said. “We know very well who decided to walk away from the negotiating table.”

Yes, we do know who is to blame: Bibi, Likud, and more broadly Israel as a whole. Polls like this are meaningless because Americans have been fed decades of lies by AIPAC and the other Israeli-Firster groups so any poll response in American is based upon total Hasbara nonsense. A “Disneyfied” notion of Israel does not exist. ‘Bagger led GOPers seem more susceptible to the false narrative Steinitz tries to sell.
Abu Mazen should shed the dead weight of the United States and take his case to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court of Justice. Israel has enjoyed US imposed impunity for far too long, AIPAC has managed to bamboozle many gullible Americans into thinking Israel is some milk and honey place (that the belligerent militaristic Apartheid government most assuredly is not). This totally one-sided conflict where Israel steals the land and resources of the Palestinians with Apache helicopters, F-16’s, White Phosphorous used on civilians etc all supplied by the US government to subjugate and marginalize the Palestinians from their natural rights to self-determination ON THEIR LAND.

Not only is this a gross stain, indeed probably a mortal stain on Israel, the United States also bears a major responsibility for Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity and it is long past time that justice be imposed on Israel, the belligerent land and resource thief that causes so much world wide terrorism. The United States will not be unscathed in the proceedings but justice must be done.

Israel Deputy Defense Minister Admits Ethnic Cleansing Plans

Israel’s Danny Danon, Israel’s deputy defence minister and chairman of the central committee of Netanyahu’s Likud party openly has admitted plans that I have written about for years in both columns and in comment sections around the world. Israel intends to steal all of the land and the Palestinians not so much…

Danon puts it thusly according to The Guardian’s Chris McGreal: “Danon says bluntly that he wants to take the bulk of West Bank land – Judea and Samaria, as it’s known in Israel – while ridding the Jewish state of responsibility for governing the mass of Palestinians. “Long-term, I am not talking about annexing the Palestinians. My goal is to annex – or ‘apply sovereignty’, as I prefer to call it – to the land in Judea and Samaria with the minimum amount of Palestinians,” he told me. “So, if I am doing the map, yes, I want the majority of the land with the minimum amount of Palestinians.”

In short, Ethnic Cleansing. Danon, and Bibi’s Likud have always made this clear. It flatly states in the Likud Platform that there will never be a Palestinian state yet 550,000+ illegal colonists make clear Israel’s true aims. It is not peace, it is not self-determination for Palestinians that Israelis so fiercely protect for themselves including illegal colonization of land that is not theirs and never will be.

U. N. West Bank Fragmentation Map from 2007.

U. N. West Bank Fragmentation Map from 2007.

Americans need to understand that Palestinians do have their own land and their own rights, they have compromised so often with Israel that the Palestinians are willing to settle for a state on a paltry 22% of historic Palestine even though at Israel’s founding was the original Ethnic Cleansing of more than 750,000 indigenous Palestinians who were in Israel’s way. This original tragedy is known as the Nakba. The West Bank Fragmentation Map included with this article is seven years old but it clearly shows that Israel has long ago stolen most Palestinian land. There have been thousands and thousands more illegal colony starts since 2007. Jimmy Carter was very right and John Kerry was simply stating the obvious. It is this writer’s belief that Israel already practices Apartheid. The actual maps and number of illegal colonists prove it.

Americans need to understand about the Nakba and also understand that it is ongoing as readily admitted by Israeli officials including Danon. World terrorism is fueled by both the original Israeli sin of Ethnic Cleansing during its birth but also the continuation of the Ethnic Cleansing today. Not just with the Palestinians but also the Beduoin and Ethiopians begging for asylum yet instead being sent to near certain death by unmoved Israeli officials who are not so keen on brown people. Reference Donald “Tokowitz” Sterling.

American media does not usually talk about these things this is why the average American is almost completely blind (although one in five do know the truth and that number is growing) to what it going on in Israel with its ongoing illegal colonial expansion and the fact that the rogue state does not just seek recognition that it exists – no – Israel seeks that everyone recognize its right to be a colonial expansionist state, with ever growing borders, and driving out the indigenous people that are already there and who have rightful claim to their lands.

Do Western nations really consider Ethnic Cleansing as part of their “values”?